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    Things Women Should Care About on a First Date With a Man (Satire)

Emma Whatson

City : New York
Years : 25

Subject History: 2018-11-10 14:21:47

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Let's say you're on your way to pick me up (Yes in your car) for on our first date and you come dressed like this:

It's very cute Ladies, I'll give you that. It shows us you're a powerful and independent woman. Yet at the same time, unless it's a formal date, it's overkill. We are Men and chances are we're not taking you to a dinner that could bankrupt us, at least not on the first date. It's not to say that you don't look stunning in it, but it's not really suited for Fish and Chips. You don't have to dress to the nines to impress us. If we said yes to the date, your company is all we really require.

When she comes dressed like this:


I mean yeah you look low key and everything, but there's low key and then there's ROCK BOTTOM. I wouldn't be turned off per say but if you wanted McDonald's for dinner you could've just asked. I most likely wouldn't be too impressed or too keen on booking that second date. Maybe an actual pair of pants? Maybe comb your hair? It's a date, in public, she could at least make us think she's trying for a good first impression.

When she comes dressed like this:



Girls, please, DO NOT EVER come like this to a first date. In fact BURN that whole outfit! You would completely turn Guys off after we finished laughing. "No, really what are you wearing?" I would be completely uninterested and mortified to be any where in the same world as you! Seriously it's hideous.

When she comes dressed like this:


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