Guys do not care about girls' fame or social status - girls to girl

    Guys do not care about girls' fame or social status

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This shouldn't take too long.

As always, it needs to be said, sadly, that I'm talking about the overwhelming majority of guys here, not literally each and every one on the face of the Earth. Thanks.

What do I mean, guys don't care about fame or social status?

When guys are checking a girl out or looking for girls that they're attracted to, we do. not. care. whether she's a famous movie star or a musician or if she's wealthy. Is that stuff nice? Sure, I guess. But to guys, we just want someone who is classy when she needs to be; who is intelligent; who enjoys the fine arts and music; who has some of the same interests as we do; who, above many other considerations, is pretty/physically slim and attractive.



^ That's Marilyn Monroe. Actress, sex symbol, and all-around hottie from the mid-10th century in American culture. Very very famous. Undeniably very wealthy/high status while she was alive. Almost all guys wanted her when she was alive, and even though she's gone now, her fame persists. She was hot.



^ This is a barista from some coffee shop. She probably makes 9 to 10 dollars an hour. You don't even know her name. She is hot.

You could ask a thousand guys-- which one of them is more attractive to guys? And the answer would be "both/either." Marilyn Monroe was not made more hot by her fame-- she was hot because she was hot.

We don't give a shit about money-- we care about pretty/physical attraction. Money/fame does not matter... she isn't going to be wearing her money or fame when we're getting physical with her/having sex. That's not how guys' interest is kept.

This is just a quick and easy example; there are many more appropriate ones out there.

In my opinion, NOT caring about money or status is actually far less "shallow" (if that's what you want to call it) than doing so, since it doesn't actually make a person who or what they are. Not mentally, not emotionally, and not physically. Sexuality is inherently animalistic, since humans are animals, and money sure doesn't make sex better.

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